While we maintain the highest standards in our packing facility we do recommend that you thoroughly clean any products before use using a good antibacterial soap and hot water.   

All cages tend to work better with good quality lube used both in the device and on the ring to prevent chafing. We recommend a quality silicon lube rather than water-based, as the latter will tend to dry and get sticky.
Please take time to get used to your cage. Try it for a few hours at first and let your body get used to it before building up to longer periods.

Please contact us if you have any other questions, we will help however we can. Thank you for your interest and good luck exploring the use of our products.


Due to the nature of our products no returns or exchanges can be made. 


Our products are sold as a novelty item only and the use of our product is solely at the discretion of the buyer.  We are not responsible for your skin type, condition, skin history or sensitivity.  

The seller is not liable for negative or damaging results that may be obtained by proper or improper use of our products on any person.  Do not wear our products if rash or skin irritation persist (Seek medical attention if necessary).  Do not wear our product longer than you feel comfortable.  Though the cages can be worn long term it's a good idea to start with short periods of lockup prior to engaging into long term.